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Some defendants can afford the best defense attorneys in the country. Evidence is twisted to create gaps of doubt. And in the end the defendants are acquitted even when they may appear guilty. Each hour-long episode of the documentary series Rich and Acquitted tells the story of celebrities who use their money to hire the very best legal teams in order to escape sticky legal situations that would destroy any normal defendant. The series will reveal astonishing details about the alleged crimes and see how powerful attorneys begin to try their cases in the press, swaying potential jurors long before the trial even starts. Episodes include cases involving Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, Oscar Pistorius and Robert Blake. Elenco: Andy Barnett.

Estado: Emitiendo actualmente
Titulo original Rich and Acquitted
Año 2016
Generos Crimen, Documental
Pais USA
Director/es Brent Zacky
Reparto Andy Barnett, Tia Barr, Erin-Elizabeth Miller, Kenneth J. Morgan, Court Rutter, Leonel Claude

Temporada 1
Capitulos Visto Rating Lenguaje Hits
Rich and Acquitted Temporada 1 Capitulo 1
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