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The series begins with Becca (Laura Ramsey) on the eve of her second wedding. It all seems perfect this time around, but she is still plagued by doubt. What if she could fix everything, and make the 'right' choices this time? Becca finds herself thinking about her former best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg), with whom she had a falling out many years ago. If only she could talk to her once again... Suddenly, after a freakish elevator ride, Becca gets the opportunity to do just that as she wakes up in New York City on the morning of her first wedding day in 1995. She's about to marry Sean (Craig Horner), a bad-boy artist who is all wrong for her - and she knows her first move must be to reconnect with Lolly to re-live that day. Can she 'make it right' by living her life all over while readapting to life in New York City in the 90's - a time of smoking in bars, carrying pagers, having an AOL email address? Becca will soon discover there's no sure-fire way to make the right choices in life - even knowing everything she thinks she knows now. (from VH1's press release, March 2014)

Estado: Emitiendo actualmente
Titulo original Hindsight (2015)
Año 2015
Generos Drama
Pais USA
Director/es Michael Trim, Jonathan Frakes, Bradley Walsh, Tara Nicole Weyr, Roger Kumble
Reparto Laura Ramsey, Sarah Goldberg, Craig Horner, Nick Clifford, John Patrick Amedori, Jessy Hodges, Drew Sidora, Dominick Vicchiullo, Brian Kerwin, Steve Talley, Joshua Mikel, Georgy Fontanals, Adam Herschman, Liz Holtan, Donna Murphy, Briana Venskus, Charlie Bodin, Collins Pennie, Alexandra Chando, Lauren Boyd, Stevie Ray Dallimore, Tiffany Morgan, Jason Burkey, Mario Cantone, Thompson Newkirk, Susan Williams, Dana Clark McPherson, Alan Ruck, Tonya Bludsworth, Josh Warren, Lowrey Brown, Daphne Zuniga, Chelsea Cardwell, Jenna Kanell, Al-Jaleel Knox, Hayes Mercure, Annika Pampel, Gary Weeks, Matthew Brady, Jeff Chase, Terrence Gibney, Olli Haaskivi, Greg Perrow, Aron Price, Tim Ross, Surely Alvelo, Rebecca Bujko, Gabe Gooley, Matt Orlando, Jason Alan Smith, Shane Callahan, Katrina Despain, Robin Hopkins, Elizabeth Ludlow, Brandon Sauve, Barry Stoltze, Brittany Susko, LB Brown, Rajeev Jacob, Tommy McNulty, Jon Kohler, Jus Riddick, Matthew Withers, Derek Yates, Adam Aalderks, Hannah Pniewski, Haley Alexis, Garrett Able, John Crosby, Michael Franji, Clifton Guterman, Billy James, Ashton Leigh, Camille Malcom, Euseph Messiah, Stacey Parrish, Matt Pruett, Walter Hendrix III, Haji Abdullah, Tanner Baker, Tyler Bilyeu, Kelly Borgnis, Qualen Bradley, Àaron Brewster, Devlon Chandler Sr., Daniel Collins, Fred Galle, Stephanie Tyler Jones, Eric Kshywonis, Gabriel Manak, Michael Mercaldi, Richard Molina, Kurt Morgan, Roger Neal, Tony Ohara, John L. Smith Jr., Chris Stein, Garret Ethan Whittington, William Willet, Erick Wofford

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