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Every villain has a noble cause, and every hero has a dark side. In the gritty new action-drama GANG RELATED, Detective RYAN LOPEZ (Ramon Rodriguez, “Battle Los Angeles,” “The Wire”) is a rising star in Los Angeles' elite Gang Task Force. What the world doesn't know is that long before Ryan became a cop, he pledged allegiance to a different band of brothers – a powerful Latino gang called Los Angelicos. When Ryan's best friend and police partner is senselessly killed by a notorious gang member, Ryan teams up with longtime Task Force member CASSIUS GREEN (RZA, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” “Californication”), who has been at the forefront of the city's war on organized crime. In this war between law enforcement and gangs, the series explores how only people who really know the streets can win the battle on the streets. Despite his profession, Ryan is still beholden to the gang's leader, JAVIER ACOSTA (Cliff Curtis, “Live Free or Die Hard,” “Training Day”), the father figure Ryan has tried to make proud his entire life and the man who masterminded his entry into the police force. It's a secret that has been held for a decade by Ryan, Javier and Javier's sons: cold-blooded gang lieutenant CARLOS (Rey Gallegos, “Sons of Anarchy,” “24”); and Ryan's childhood best friend, straight-laced investment banker DANIEL (Jay Hernandez, “Last Resort,” “Hostel”). But Ryan is starting to realize that he is even more dedicated to being a cop than he is to Los Angelicos. He is respected by his team, including TAE KIM (Sung Kang, “Fast Five,” “Live Free or Die Hard”), VERONICA “VEE” DOTSEN (Inbar Lavi, “Underemployed,” “Street Kings 2: Motor City”) and Task Force leader SAM CHAPEL (Terry O'Quinn, “Lost”), Ryan's other surrogate father figure, whose estranged daughter, JESSICA (Shantel VanSanten, “One Tree Hill,” “The Final Destination”), is the city's Assistant District Attorney. Ryan's education comes from the streets, and that schooling will work to his advantage, as he, Cassius and the rest of the police unit take aim at the city's most dangerous gangs. While balancing two allegiances, two father figures and two families, Ryan's increasing sense of loyalty to one will help him finally determine which side of the law he is really on. Elenco: Ramon Rodriguez, Cliff Curtis, Terry O'Quinn, Inbar Lavi, Jay Hernandez, RZA, Shantel VanSanten, Sung Kang.

Estado: Finalizada
Titulo original Gang Related
Año 2014
Generos Drama, Acción
Pais USA
Director/es Nelson McCormick, Milan Cheylov, Allison Anders, David Boyd, Félix Enríquez Alcalá, Nick Gomez, Allen Hughes, Richard J. Lewis, Christopher Misiano, Michael Offer
Reparto Ramon Rodriguez, Jay Hernandez, RZA, Sung Kang, Inbar Lavi, Reynaldo Gallegos, Shantel VanSanten, Cliff Curtis, Emilio Rivera, Jay Karnes, Lela Loren, Catherine Dent, Amaury Nolasco, Carlos Gómez, Saundra Santiago, Emiliano Díez, Luis Moncada, Noah Bean, Anthony L. Fernandez, Philip Anthony-Rodriguez, Jane Park Smith, Bernyce Cruz, Lorenzo Eduardo, Antonio Jaramillo, Ray Campbell, Konstantin Lavysh, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, Erik Daniel Cruz, Christopher Goodman, Hector Atreyu Ruiz, Ray Oriel, Arnold Chun, Maite Schwartz, Jose Abril, Christian Calloway, Michael Flores, Rafael Lozano, Ross Thomas, Ramon De Ocampo, Scott Lawrence, Gonzalo Menendez, Derek Ray, Aileen Davila, Ashley Zamora, Noemi Gonzalez, Jeryl Prescott, Louisa Abernathy, Carlos Acuña, Carlos Arellano, Jake Borelli, Isaac Keys, Julia Vera, Hazel Atkinson, Michael Bourgi, Mac Brandt, Kelsey Collins, Ana Dela Cruz, Myron Primes, Angeline Appel, Ray Auxias, Carlos Ayala, Gabriel Chavarria, Bob DeCastro, Jonathan Goldstein, Tony McEwing, Marcus Stewart, Anya Avaeva, Will Blagrove, Juan Carlos Cantu, Keye Chen, Josh Clark, Kofi Elam, Bamm Ericsen, Hidekun Hah, Elena Beuca, Rey Borge, Ruben Garfias, Nick Jaine, Angel Lucas, Steve Roussell, Sarah Sido, Jordan Calloway, Ski Carr, Cesar Garcia, Peter Jae, Ary Katz, Cindy Luna, Nina Millin, Sergio Sanchez, Luis Cardet, José A. García, José A. García, Giovanni Lopes, Erica Luttrell, Jesse Mackey, Darryl Reeves, Marcos De Silvas, Rosie Garcia, Miraj Grbic, Victor Manso, Jack Rozuk, Julian Scott Urena, Brett Weinstock, Misha Gonz-Cirkl, Allen Theosky Rowe, E-Kan Soong, Randy Vasquez, Erich Wildpret, Dmitriy Karpov, Chloe Noelle, Quinn Sullivan, Yevgeniy Kartashov, Trevante Rhodes, Gregg Whitney, Chil Kong, Alfred Rubin Thompson, Alex Reznik, Teresa Ruiz, Julie Sufana, Ryan Babcock, Francis Badia, Cici Leah Campbell, Carlos Carrasco, James Marshall Case, Steve Troublesome Castillo, Julien Cesario, Wayne Chema, Ryan Christiansen, Jason Edgar, Eddie J. Fernandez, Joe Fronk, David A. Garcia, Gabriel Guillen, Eli Hernandez, Ho-Jung, Helen Hwang, Natasha Key, Jully Lee, Omar Leyva, Rick L. Lobato, Shandel Love, Alex Marshall-Brown, Will McFadden, Adam Minarovich, Rubi Molina, Scott Michael Morgan, Paul Norwood, Michael Anthony Perez, Lou Pimber, Sergio Rafael, Priscilla Rios, Xen Sams, José Sánchez, Joel Shock, Winston Story, Eric Womack, Erica Ocampo, Sean Ayub, Laura-Elise Barrett, Billy Choi, Naomi Coai, Afton Jillian, Kira Legg, Silawn Lewis, Roman Mitichyan, Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom, Angel Parker, Aleksey Solodov, Elizabeth Stocks, Frank Velasco

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